Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Which type of Bankruptcy?

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What is the difference?
With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, these people may have quite a bit of equity in a commercial or residential property and they wish to retain said ownership. They have a steady concurrent income, they take care of all of their living expenses but they cannot keep a regular pay schedule with all of their concurring debts.

The benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy are that you get to keep most of the real estate or property that you own while extending out the time required to pay your past due accounts. In most cases, you will have 3 to 5 years to get current with all of your her a schedule that the courts agree to. Generally, you make one monthly debt payments to a trustee who then distributes these funds to the necessary debts.

What kind of person can file Chapter 13? If you have unsecured debt below $360,475 and secured debts which are less than $1,081,400 you may file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

The best way to find out which direction to go between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is to call our offices immediately for a free consultation to discuss your matter. At the end of that consultation, you will have a clear, defined path of action that leads to eventual freedom from your debt.

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