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Estate Lawyer

Dealing with one's estate in any circumstance can be a harrowing experience. An estate lawyer can easily provide you with total and complete peace of mind. They can help you to effectively avoid expensive future estate litigation. The Law Offices of Desiree Causey is delighted to offer a complete range of estate planning services for you and your entire family including:

1.      Revocable Trusts
2.      Health Care Directives
3.      Special Needs Trusts
4.      Wills
5.      Irrevocable Trusts
6.      Charitable Remainder Trusts
7.      Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
8.      Powers of Attorney
9.      Assistance with Beneficiary Designations on 401(k)s, IRAs, and Life Insurance

Every individual over the age of 18 needs a will to make sure that their estate will be dealt with according to their wishes. By having a Last Will and Testament, this gives you the confidence that your estate will be taken care of and distributed as you directed and that your wishes will be respected.   A proper will is an important and vital estate planning tool. Contained within a will, you set into motion a legal and proper plan of distribution for all of your important assets upon your demise. There are many other topics that are also focused on including:

  • Naming a specific guardian for your remaining children;
  • Naming someone as a personal representative to administer your estate upon your passing;
  • Creating a testamentary trust which is included in your will to ensure that your remaining children (or other underage beneficiaries) will not touch your assets until they are old enough enough to handle it;
  • The naming of a testamentary trustee; and many other items.

If you have a large estate or complex tax planning issues or special concerns, you can greatly benefit by creating a trust.  A trust is a completely separate entity that controls all of your assets you place into your trust.  You will be known as the “Trustor.”  Revocable trusts easily provide you with terrific flexibility. You will have the ability to appoint a specific Trustee (who could also be yourself) to make vital decisions regarding any payouts from the trust and any income as well.

Let it be understood that there is generally more upfront costs involved in preparing a trust as opposed to a general will. But a properly structured trust can help individuals and families avoid the immense expense of the probate process. Keep in mind... if you create a trust and do not re-title all of your assets properly you will not be exempt from the probate process as some may think. Talk to us today.

Estate planning with an estate lawyer can also reduce greatly the probate process, which will help you tremendously during this time of sadness.  There are many other strategic tools which can help you in transferring all of your property outside of the probate process which may include:

  • Establishing joint tenancy on real estate. This is not a complicated process;
  • the creation and execution of a Transfer on Death Deed where you direct who will receive your property upon your passing;
  • Establishing Payable Upon Death (POD) arrangements on all of your accounts;
  • A complete Listing of beneficiaries on 401(k)s, IRAs, other retirement accounts and Life Insurance policies.

You should consult an experienced estate lawyer to go over your present situation and discuss with you the various options that are available. The Law Offices of Desiree Causey is pleased to help you in structuring your estate planning needs, understanding the whole estate planning process and drafting all of the legal documents necessary make sure your wishes are carried out to the letter of the law.

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