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Which type of Bankruptcy?

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Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney

As an Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney, my goal is to provide everyone in Orange County experienced and reliable legal protection from our offices in Huntington Beach California.

I invite you to come in and discuss your situation with me. Your first consultation will be completely complimentary. You meet with me personally, and you can keep your checkbook at home until you decide that I’m the right Orange County bankruptcy attorney for you.

Is there really a need for a Bankruptcy Attorney?
You have to ask yourself... are you struggling every day to keep up with your bills?  Do you hate the sound of the phone ringing or perhaps the dread of hiking to your mailbox because of these tyrants that call themselves debt collectors? Maybe you’re afraid that if things get worse, the bank might take back your car or foreclose on your property? It's important to know that you are never alone!

Thousands upon thousands of bankruptcies were filed in California this year. And this number will continue to rise. An overwhelming number of individuals are filing for bankruptcy in Orange County.  They also have dealt with the monumental stress of unpaid debts and the extreme burden of losing everything.

Suddenly, a paradigm shift occurs. Now consider that these individuals wake up every morning with the knowledge that they’ve got a fresh start.  They are experiencing brand new alternatives in which they aren’t constantly worried about how they will pay the next bill because they took full advantage of the protection the law provides by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You are probably looking for an Orange County bankruptcy attorney that can help you figure out if filing for bankruptcy is the right path for you to take. And the questions you have are probably astronomic.

As an experienced lawyer, I know that it’s never easy to come to the conclusion to file for bankruptcy. Most individuals thought they would never find themselves in the position that they are in. My goal and purpose is to make the complete procedure as easy and painless as possible. You'll always have the full information that you need and know exactly what to expect in every kind of circumstance.

As you probably have discovered by now, personal bankruptcy became much more complex as a result of the 2005 law. Even though you don't need to hire an attorney, you have to know that it is very hard to fight this on your own. You need the law on your side and a person who is experienced and knowledgeable to guide you every step of the way... and protect you!

As you look through my website, you will discover a great deal of information about all kinds of bankruptcies. Maybe you find yourself not ready to call a bankruptcy attorney just yet, but you are welcome to use this site as a resource.

If you are ready to take the next step, please don't hesitate to give me a call today to set up your free bankruptcy consultation, or send me an email via the form on the “contact” page. Let's get you out of trouble and back into the light of financial freedom. As an experienced orange county bankruptcy attorney, I will do my absolute best for you

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