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Orange County Probate Lawyer

If you have a legally drawn will, probating that will in the state of California is considered easy with little cost or trouble as long as you have an orange county probate lawyer who is experienced in dealing with wills and estates.

Probate is absolutely necessary if someone you care for has passed away and you need to get the legal authority to act in behalf of the one who has died. If you do not have a will,  you likely will still have to file in probate court.

Perhaps you are a person who is an heir in an estate and have not received your inheritance. It is vital that you have an lawyer who can deal in the situation properly.

Maybe you think that the will of someone close to you who died was improperly drafted. You may think they were coerced into signing the will document or perhaps believe the decedent did not have the proper mental capacity to make such a will and you want to challenge it. A well experienced orange county probate lawyer can easily tackle this problem.

If someone is challenging the will or threatening to do so, and you are named as a beneficiary or an executor you should hire a lawyer immediately.

Let's say you are a beneficiary of a will and the executor of the will has not treated you in a fair manner and is, in your opinion, mismanaging the estate. It is vital that you pursue your legal rights immediately. The trustee must always manage fairly and in the best interest of all the beneficiaries. You must remember, trustees and executors are fiduciaries- individuals who must be held to extremely high legal standards at all times.
Perhaps your dear relative is not fully capable of handling their financial affairs. It is quite possible that you need to establish a guardianship.

For all of the above reasons, it is absolutely critical that you secure an orange county probate lawyer who is fully knowledgeable and experienced in the law regarding probate. Call the Law Offices of Desiree Causey today.

If you determine that you require an Orange County probate lawyer, it's most likely due to the fact that a relative or someone who was close to you has passed on (they are known as the "decedent"). This can be a very difficult and trying time to find a lawyer, but nonetheless it must be accomplished.

The primary thing you must determine is exactly the type of probate lawyer you need. There are really two types of probate lawyers… ones who handle all of the administrative areas of probate (called transactional lawyers), and then there are those who represent clients who get the estate (called probate litigators). You may find an Orange County probate lawyer who does both, but you will soon discover that most tend to specialize in only one particular area. If you find yourself struggling in litigation over an estate, look for a litigator. Otherwise, an attorney who handles transactional side of probates may be the proper choice. In most circumstances, and Orange County probate lawyer with expertise in trusts and estate planning is also adept at matters of probate.

Make sure that you secure the lawyer who regularly handles probate matters and who knows enough about other specific fields to always question whether the action being specifically taken might be affected by laws in any other areas of law. Here is an example... if the decedent had very large real estate holdings, the attorney should also know something about real estate property law and how to deal with it properly. If you don't already have an Orange County probate lawyer, call us today. You'll find we have the experience and knowledge in every area necessary to protect you in every circumstance.

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